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Step 1: Click the Shop button to create a wholesale account - this will give you access to our wholesale pricing and allow you to view and purchase Kanga products.

Step 2: Choose from our coolers (Kase Mate, Pouch, and Pouch 24 Backpack), Performance Rooskis, Neoprene Rooskis, Beer Blocks, and Apparel.

Step 3: Our minimum order is $400 to open a new account with us. You may mix and match all products to reach the minimum. All items must be purchased in multiples of (4), except for apparel (which can be purchased at any quantity).

Step 4: EVERY new order includes a Point-of-Sale (POS) Kit that includes a poster and postcard.

Step 5: EVERY order provides access to a variety of Digital Assets - this includes product shots, lifestyle shots, and educational videos. We typically ship orders out within 1-3 business days if all items purchased are in-stock.

Step 6: Reorder are accepted at $400 mix and match minimum.