Our Story

We’re 5 close friends with completely different backgrounds united by one simple thing: we love cold beer. When we were assigned a class project to create an idea that solved a problem we faced, we knew exactly what it would revolve around.

We found ourselves drinking warm beer at a tailgate in Clemson, South Carolina. For the love of all that is holy, why are we drinking warm beer!?! We all had $300 coolers that could keep beer cold for a few weeks but didn’t use them to keep our beer cold for a few hours? This made no sense.

Well, we didn’t use our coolers because we didn’t want to have to deal with ice and hauling the huge thing all the way to our tailgate a mile from where we parked. So, instead, we stopped by the convenience store, grabbed a cold case, and just carried it with us to drink it as it got warm. We found our problem... Warm... Beer... Sucks!

With this in mind, we noticed something very profound at the tailgate next to ours. It might seem normal to most, but what it represented was life changing. We saw someone take a cold beer out of a cooler and put it into a can insulator. What we really saw was someone take a cold beer out of what made it cold (the cooler) and put it into something to keep it cold for the entire time they’ll actually enjoy it (the Insulating Sleeve).

THAT’S when it hit us: WHY THE HECK ISN’T THERE A CAN INSULATOR FOR A WHOLE CASE! We took it out of a fridge (what made it cold), but we needed something to put it in to keep it cold for the entire time we were actually going to enjoy it without the ice or hassle!

Right then and there, the vision for the Kanga Kase Mate was born. There was no going back. We realized what we had to do: end the tyranny of Big Cooler and set millions free from having to choose between cold OR convenience.





Contact: logan@kangacoolers.com
As a proud recipient of a business degree from Clemson University, Logan is an experienced entrepreneur who has built, managed, and grown multiple business which allowed him to pay his way through college. As the creator of the Kase Mate, he knows what it takes to make this company successful: Blood, sweat, and beers. He directly oversees new product development and always seems to be “product testing”…


RYAN FRAZIER, Co-Founder / Head of Finance
Contact: ryan@kangacoolers.com
Ryan earned a Financial Management degree from Clemson University in 2017 and resides in Greenville, SC. Throughout grade school and college, he built many successful E-commerce businesses, from electronics to sporting equipment. Utilizing and building on prior experiences, he’s in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes at Kanga by managing finances and assisting in operations. Outside of Kanga-time, he enjoys adventuring with his pup (Luna, pictured), finding the next best beer while brewery-hopping, mastering the sweet sounds of the ukulele, and fine-tuning his Excel and graphic design skills.


AUSTIN MAXWELL, Co-Founder / Head of Sales
Contact: austin@kangacoolers.com
Austin received his degree in industrial engineering from Clemson university. During his 4 (and some change) year stint at Clemson, he was a member of the club soccer team, founder of the technical sales society, as well as the social and events chairman for his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. Not to mention that he held the regional sales manager position for beat box beverages. To add to long list of accomplishments, Austin was also an ambassador for Chubbies Shorts, Old Row, Sheepshead Wear, and Coast Apparel. Since graduating, Austin decided that as an adult he wanted a more stable income, with reasonable hours, and good healthcare. So Inherently…he joined a startup. Now his focus lies on ridding the world of warm beverages (beer) from sea to shining sea.


Teddy Giard, Co-Founder / Head of Branding
Contact: teddy@kangacoolers.com

Teddy (AKA The Team Hippie) is an experienced videographer, photographer, and thrill seeker. An Entrepreneur at heart, Teddy’s career started with nothing more than a GoPro and an idea…”how can I make a living doing what I love?” In following his love for film Teddy has been able to turn this idea into a lucrative means of living (for a sophomore in college). From running his own summer camps, to freelancing for countless organizations, such as: Southern Tide, Special Olympics, and Clemson University. Teddy continues to relentlessly push the boundaries, and pursue his passion to turn every memory into a story.


EDWARD GIARD, Advisory Board Member
A varsity letterman in swimming, Edward (AKA Fast Eddie) Giard is a successful entrepreneur and a consumer product executive with 30 years of experience specializing in sporting goods. Edward started his first company, Profile By Design, while studying mechanical engineering at Clemson. With dozens of patents to his name in a variety of consumer products categories, Edward is an advisor/mentor to the Kanga team, he also just so happens to be Teddy’s dad. After the sale of his companies, Edward oversaw product marketing and business performance for industry leading brands like: Burton Snowboards, Trek Bicycles, and Under Armour.





MARCH 2017: An idea was born in Clemson, SC

APRIL 2017: The First Prototype was Created

MAY 2017: Kanga, LLC was Founded

AUGUST 2017: Delivered First 150 Kase Mates for Test Market

MARCH 2018: Launched Kickstarter Campaign

MAY 2018: Kickstarter Funded / Kanga Begins Large-Scale Manufacturing

AUGUST 2018: Kase Mates Delivered to Kickstarter Backers / First Official Kase Mate in Use

SEPTEMBER 2018: Delivered First Batch of Custom Kase Mate Orders

OCTOBER 2018: Official "Bud Light" Kase Mates were Made

JANUARY 2019: Attended First Trade Show in Las Vegas

APRIL 2019: Shark Tank Episode Airs

JUNE 2019: Hand delivered our first Kase Mate 2.0's

June 2019: Sponsored our first Nascar race

AUGUST 2020: Accepted 200 Ambassadors of over 3,000 applicants for our Ambassador Program

MARCH 2021: The Pouch was created

June 2021: Over 20 Best Selling Cooler SKUs Available, in over 500 retailers nationwide