Southern Tide 6 Pack Kase Mate

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Our high quality EVA exterior allows for extremely detailed dye sublimation, which our brewery partners take full advantage of. The most common uses are for resale, distributor incentives, event activations and retail growth.


Our patented iceless cooler gives brands of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to bring value to their consumers with a never before seen product. Typically used for resale and gift with purchase incentives.


A one-of-a-kind promotional product that will not end up in the trash can! Corporations love how little space the Kase Mate takes up, laying flat when not in use and packing 20 per box. Can also be used for non-alcoholic beverages.

How It Works

Step 1: Download Our Templates Or Complete The Form Below To Recieve A Mockup.

Step 2: Our MOQ Is 300 Units For Full Custom, With Lead Times Ranging From 60-90 Days.

Step 3: Once The Artwork Is Finalized, We Will Initiate Production And Bring Your Design To Life!

Bud Light 12 pack Kase Mate
Natural Light 12 pack Kase Mate
Cisco Brewers 12 pack Kase Mate
6 pack Kase Mate
6 pack Kase Mate
6 pack Kase Mate
Wiseacre 12 Pack Kase Mate
Founder All Day IPA 15 Pack Kase Mate
Golden Road 15 Pack Kase Mate
Busch Light 12 Pack Kase Mate
Flying Dog Spf 1000 12 Pack Kase Mate
Wicked Weed 12 Pack Kase Mate
Heineken 12 pack Kase Mate

Brewery Examples

Nine Line 24 pack Kase Mate
TPC 12 pack Kase Mate
Woot 24 pack Kase Mate
American Offshore 12 Pack Kase Mate
Southern Fried Cotton 12 Pack Kase Mate
Flood Tide 12 Pack Kase Mate
Whimsicality 12 Pack Kase Mate
K-Smith 12 Pack Kase Mate

Brand Examples

United Airlines 6 pack Kase Mate
Fox Special Report 12 pack Kase Mate
Home Depot 12 pack Kase Mate
Rock 12 Pack Kase Mate
Morrison 12 pack Kase Mate
Trammel & Mills 12 pack Kase Mate
Gavilon 12 pack Kase Mate

Corporation Examples

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